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Couples Massage

Close up portrait of a romantic couple, on a spa holiday, having a back massage

Couples Massage

Have you ever tried having a massage together with your significant one?

Nothing says love like the gift of relaxation.  What better way to give that gift than share that gift in our inviting Couples Retreat.  It’s what you’ve come to expect from iMassage Spa but in a larger room, with two of our Signature Tables with two Therapists….one working on each of you.  Working in synchronization, our Therapist will orchestrate your Couples experience to ensure you are both relaxed and rejuvenated.  It’s a beautiful way for the two of you to relax, escape, and revive…together.

Wondering how much does it cost?

Well, its surprisingly affordable:

$40/HR for Each person ONLY! Great, right? Yeah, just come…